Tasty Bite Seed & Crop Donation Program
Timing: February 2018- April 2018 PARTICIPATION REQUEST DEADLINE:

FEBRUARY 2nd, 2018

Looking for a minimum of 25 community gardens to participate (all over the U.S.)

Tasty Bite would provide each garden with:

  • $250 gift card for gardening supplies
  • 100 Free Organic Spinach Seeds to give away to patrons
  • Goodie Bag
    • Good SeedTM gardening sign
    • Scale to weigh harvest
    • Food pantry harvest delivery bags
    • Gardening supplies
  • Social media posts on Tasty Bite® social media
  • Each garden who participates will be entered to win a grand prize of $1000 donation
    • Grand prize winner will be chosen by Tasty Bite® brand team in June 2018

The Ask…

  • Dedicate one plot of land to Tasty Bite® Good SeedTM (Organic Spinach Seeds)
  • Take pics of your planting and donation progress (A minimum of 4 pics)
  1. One Pic when you receive the Tasty Bite® Seeds
  2. One Pic when planting seeds
  3. One Pic of harvesting the crop
  4. One Pic when of the actual donation to the food pantry
  • Report how much food was actually donated to your local food pantry from the Tasty Bite® sponsored
    • Report weight of donation and # of bags delivered
    • Report tally by May 15th, 2018