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Thursday August 7, 2014 the U.S. Postal Service honored farmers markets by creating four new stamps.

The stamps, which the USPS introduced along with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack at a Washington, D.C., farmers market, show breads, fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants that are commonly on display for sale at thousands of farmers markets around the United States.

On the back of the 20-stamp sheet is this text:

The sight of stalls piled high with locally grown food, the smell of flowers and freshly baked bread, the sound of conversations between friends and new acquaintances – farmers markets are so much more than just places to buy fruits and vegetables. In addition to supporting small farms and artisans, boosting local economies, and providing fresh seasonal food, farmers markets are considered by many to be the new town square. They offer, as they did in the past, a gathering place for diverse groups of neighbors to meet and mingle and to share news, recipes, and stories – in short, to create a new sense of community.”

First Day of Issue

August 7, 2014 • Washington, DC 20066

49 cent stamp


Cities around the country are celebrating the new stamps release in various ways.  ACGA President Bill Maynard attended the unveiling of the stamp at a special event in front of the California State Capital in Sacramento on August 21, 2014.  Food trucks and farmers were in abundance selling their fresh local food entrees and freshly picked produce.