Gardeners may not agree on the best mulch or the perfect fertilizer, but there’s one thing that every gardener agrees on: when it comes time to purchase tools, buy the best. Quality garden tools are an investment that yield dividends over time. Here are the top 10 gardening tools every community garden should own.

1. Trowel

A well-made trowel is your most important tool. From container gardening to large beds, a trowel will help you get your plants into the soil. Essential for everyone.

2. Hand Fork or Claw or Cultivator

A hand fork helps cultivate soil, chop up clumps, and work amendments into the soil. A hand fork is necessary for cultivating in closely planted beds.

3. Hoe

A long- handled hoe is a gardener’s best friend. Keeping weeds at bay is the purpose of this useful tool. Hoe heads come in all different shapes and sizes and every gardener swears by a different one.

4. Secateurs (aka Hand pruners)

Invest in a pair of quality pruners, such as Felco, which is clearly a cut above. There are different types and sizes depending upon the type and size of the job. Secateurs are for cutting small diameters, up to the thickness of your little finger ;-). Anything larger and you need loppers.

5. Watering can

A watering can creates a fine even stream of water that delivers with a gentleness that won’t wash seedlings or sprouting seeds out of their soil.

6. Fork

You can’t dig and divide perennials without a heavy-duty fork (and some dividing methods even suggest you own two!).

7. Shovels & Spades

There are several different types and shapes of shovels and spades, each with their own purpose. There are also different types of hand holds for either—a “D” shape, a “T” shape, or none at all. They are a requisite tool for planting large perennials, shrubs, and trees, breaking ground, moving soil, leaves, just about anything. The sharper the blade, the better.

8. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows come in all different sizes (and prices). They are indispensable for hauling soil, compost, plants, mulch, hoses, tools…everything you’ll need to garden.

9. Gloves

Unless you want to wear your favorite hobby under your nails, use gloves. Leather gloves hold up best. If you have roses, get a pair that resist thorn pricks.

10. Hose

This is the fastest way to transport lots of water. Consider using drip irrigation hoses or tape.