This sample land use agreement is intended as a guide only; be sure that the final agreement you use meets the needs and details of your group and the property owner.  Information in brackets should be changed as necessary for each garden’s purposes.


Sample Form: Permission for Land Use

I, [name here] _____________________________________, give permission to [community garden project] ___________________________ to use the property located at [site’s address] ____________________________________ as a community gardening project, for the term of ____ years beginning [date] _________ and ending [date] _________.

This agreement may be renewed with the approval of both the property owner and the community garden organization at the end of the agreement period. All questions about the community garden, its nature, risks or hazards, have been discussed with the garden coordinator to my satisfaction.

The community garden agrees to indemnify and save harmless the property owner from all damages and claims arising out of any act, omission or neglect by the community garden, and from any and all actions or causes of action arising from the community garden’s occupation or use of the property.

As the property owner, I agree to notify the community gardening organization of any change in land ownership, development, or use 60 days prior to the change in status.

Property owner’s signature:                                                               



Click here to download a MS Word version of this sample land use agreement!