Each and every community garden is unique, but there are some things you may find helpful in setting up your community garden. Here are a few sample forms that we’ve identified to help manage your garden.

Sample Garden Plot Registration

Use this form to register individuals, families, and organizations for specific garden plots in your community garden!  It also includes information about the responsibilities of each gardener, and it includes a check-list of volunteer activities that the gardener can choose to participate in.

Sample Garden Contract

It’s important to have agreed upon rules and regulations when people come together to work on a community project!  This sample garden contract provides a general guideline of rules and regulations that everyone involved in your community garden should sign.  This way, everyone knows and understands the expectations they share regarding participation in the garden, upkeep of plots, water duties, responsibility for keys, and many other important aspects of supporting a thriving community garden.

Sample Garden Rules

Similar to the community garden contract, this set of 12 rules will help guide everyone working in the garden by providing a baseline of activity and responsibility!  Be sure to adjust and add to this set of rules as is necessary for your garden.

Sample Land Use Agreement

It is important to have a written understanding about the relationship between the community garden and the individual or organization that actually owns the land on which the garden is located.  Use this sample land use agreement as a draft version for your own garden, and add to it as necessary so that you and the property owner can look forward to many seasons of gardening and harvesting!

Sample Release of All Claims

The Sample Release of All Claims form should be signed by all individuals participating in the community garden.  With this form, your garden will have written verification that every participant understands the risks and hazards that may happen when working in the community garden.


Please let us know if you’ve got a great tool you would like to post by emailing it to info@communitygarden.org.