ACGA is dedicated to bringing the community gardening and urban agriculture up-to-date information. We do this through periodic publications.

The monthly E-newsletter provides information on upcoming events and funding opportunities. The Community Greening Review “digs deeper” into our field by integrating community garden news, practical information, research and legislative updates, and garden success stories into a journal focused around a single theme. Cultivating Communities: Principles & Practices, library of monographs, and Growing Communities Curriculum offer how-to information to help garden organizations develop and succeed.

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Community Greening Review
Journal of the American Community Gardening Association

The Community Greening Review, a journal of the American Community Gardening Association, is a periodic publication, featuring a topic of interest to the community gardening and community-driven urban agriculture movements.   The journal reaches out to community gardeners as well as the academic, professional, non-governmental, and governmental communities.

Released in January 2006, the 25th Anniversary Edition of the Community Greening Review is a 160-page assortment of the best articles from Community Greening Reviews and its predecessor publications, Journal of Community Gardening, over the past 25 years. The publication is available for purchase in our store.

The 2009 edition and the 1999 – 2000 editions of the Community Greening Review can be downloaded below.

Growing Communities

Growing Communities: How to Build Community
Through Community Gardening
by Jeanette Abi-Nader, David Buckley, Kendall Dunnigan and Kristen Markley.

ACGA’s publication, Growing Communities Curriculum, provides an in-depth exploration of the practices and strategies community organizers can use to develop dynamic leaders and create strong programs using a participatory approach to community building. This 300+ page curriculum builds on the work of Cultivating Community and years of ACGA experiences, especially those of our From the Roots Up mentorship and training program.

This invaluable resource presents ten core principles of community building (chapter 1) that form the foundation for a participatory approach to leadership, community, and organizational development. Strategies for implementing these principles are then discussed in terms of community organizing at the community garden level (chapter 2) and how to create and strengthen a community garden organization (chapter 3).

Accompanying each of these core chapter concepts are a set of workshop curricula that walk the reader through the process of conducting a training on each topic. These curricula are based on workshops developed and presented by professional trainers. To strengthen the impact of these workshops, information on adult learning and workshop facilitation (chapter 4) is included.

Finally, the Growing Communities Curriculum includes an appendix with resources lists, handouts and other useful information.

Workshops Included in the Curriculum:

  • Diversity
  • Asset-Based Community Development
  • Community Organizing 101
  • Leadership Development
  • Meeting Facilitation and Group Decision-Making
  • Developing a Board of Directors
  • Grassroots Fundraising – The Basics
  • Grassroots Fundraising – Specific Strategies
  • Communications Planning
  • Coalition Building

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The Cultivator

The Cultivator is the monthly E-newsletter generated by ACGA.  Become a member to start receiving your copy today!

The Community Gardener Newsletter

The Community Gardener has been replaced by the E-newsletter as we’ve moved into the digital age. Previous years’ copies are still available below.

National Community Gardening Survey (1998)

ACGA Monographs

Over the years, the American Community Gardening Association has published a number of research monographs on a variety of topics, for the purpose of increasing the body of knowledge about community gardening, community gardens and community gardeners in North America.

National Community Garden Survey 1998

The factors that determine why a garden lasts are complex and difficult to capture in a brief survey. It is hoped, however, that at least a record of which gardens are lasting can be made, and point to some possible relationships. The survey is an attempt to record a snapshot of today’s community garden condition across the country, particularly with the changes in policy and funding that have been occurring since the 1980s. It will also provide comparative information to a previous survey. The national survey was mailed to more than 40 cities, to people on the ACGA organizational member list and included managers of gardening programs, cooperative extension departments, recycling programs, greening programs and various other garden-related agencies. This survey is an excerpt from Suzanne Monroe-Santos’ thesis on longevity in urban community gardens and is being published as one of a series of monographs by the Publications / Education Committee of the American Community Gardening Association.

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