Bees are responsible for one out of three bites of food we eat — therefore we need to safeguard our food supply by increasing the population of solitary bees, such as mason bees.

These gentle bees work side-by-side with honey bees to pollinate home gardens as well as major food crops such as cherries and almonds. Super pollinators, solitary bees don’t make honey, and instead spend all their energy pollinating fruits, vegetables, nuts and flowers.

Together with Crown Bees, we would like to encourage you to consider being to  be a part of the solution and not only help increase public awareness about native bees, but also to erect bee houses in ACGA gardens.

Consider supporting your favorite ACGA member garden by participating in Crown Bees’ Adopt-A-Bee program to increase local pollination. Each Adopt-A-Bee kit includes a cedar bee house, spring and summer bees, spring and summer nesting holes and accessories.

Crown Bees is building an online community of “Bee Boosters,” people who raise native bees and share their experiences with others.

With your help we will take some of the pressure off honey bees, increase awareness of gentle bees and diversify the bees that pollinate our food.

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cute male mason bee