Sample Forms


Each and every community garden is unique, but there are some things you may find helpful in setting up your community garden. Here are a few sample forms that we’ve identified to help manage your garden. Sample Garden Plot Registration Use this form to register individuals, families, and organizations for specific garden plots in your […] Read More

Sample Release of All Claims


The following form is intended as a guide only; be sure that the final agreement you use meets the needs and details of your group.  All information in blanks and brackets should be adjusted by the garden as necessary. Sample Form for Release of All Claims Read More

ACGA Articles on Diversity and Inclusion


Gardens can be a welcoming place for everyone!  Check out ACGA’s collection of articles about diversity and inclusion, and learn how diversity in your community can reflect the diversity in your garden. Community Gardening: A Key to Food Security? [PDF] Language Diversity [PDF] Celebrating Cultural Diversity [PDF] Food Security in Ethnic Neighborhoods [PDF] Read More

Articles about Organizing a Garden


ACGA has been helping start community gardens throughout North America for decades, and we’ve collected the very best advice here to help you.  Check out this set of guides to help you organize a community garden in your own hometown! What Good Is Community Greening? Insurance for Community Gardens 14 Good Reasons for Community Gardens […] Read More

Safety Resources


Take care and plan ahead for safety when working in a community garden.  Here’s a list of resources to help you take the right steps and plan ahead to avoid accidents and hazards. Brownfields and Urban Agriculture: Interim Guide for Safe Gardening Practices [PDF]: A report of the US EPA, this document is a condensation of […] Read More

Community Gardening in the Media


Who is shining a spotlight on and sharing information about community gardening?  Here’s a running collection of news stories, in print, on TV, and on the internet, about how community gardening is improving the lives of people across the continent! Nelson Mandela – Prisoner, Rooftop Food Gardener: Excerpt from Nelson Mandela’s Autobiography Long Walk to […] Read More

Community Garden Start-Up Resources


Starting a community garden in your hometown?  ACGA offers a wealth of resources to help you, and we’ve provided a list of additional resources from across the web below! Brownfield Remediation: Solutions for Urban Agriculture. City Farmer: The most comprehensive site on the internet about urban agriculture, community gardening and sustainable agriculture. Community Garden Start-Up Guide: […] Read More



Check out this page for a large, up-to-date, and growing list of resources from around the corner, around the web, and around the continent! Read More