2015 Community Greening Review Call for Articles

immigrant garden

ACGA is happy to announce the 2015 Call for Articles for the Community Greening Review.  This year’s theme will be Immigrant and Refugee Gardens.  Submissions can be in the form of (1) a feature article proposal, including research and bibliographies, (2) shorter articles in the form of reports, essays, case studies, interviews, or how-to pieces, […] Read More

Sustainability Resources


Community gardening can incorporate the triple-bottom line goal of sustainability – to provide benefits that combine the environment, economic development, and social equity.  ACGA is committed to helping advance sustainability, and we are working on compiling a solid list of resources to help you and your community garden’s efforts to reach that triple-bottom line, as […] Read More

Resources for Open Land Preservation


Interested in learning more about the people and organizations that are fighting to preserve land in your neighborhood and from coast to coast?  Check out these groups to learn more! National Organizations American Farmland Trust The Trust for Public Lands USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service Local/Regional Organizations Foothills Land Conservancy: Southern Appalachian Mountains, TN. The Park […] Read More

Three Key Hints for Starting Your Own Seeds


Starting your own vegetable plants from seed makes a lot of sense for community gardeners. For the modest price of a seed packet, a community garden group can grow more than enough tomatoes or peppers for an average vacant lot-sized garden. That’s not all – you also have a potential educational benefit if you can get kids involved in the process, and you can grow choice varieties–especially heirlooms–rarely available in garden centers. You can also time your growing so you’ve got top quality seedlings ready to go at the best time for your particular gardens. Read More