Articles about Organizing a Garden


Share ACGA has been helping those organizing community gardens throughout North America for decades, and we’ve collected the very best advice here to help you.  Check out this set of guides to help you organize a community garden in your own hometown! What Good Is Community Greening? Insurance for Community Gardens 14 Good Reasons for […] Read More

Safety Resources


Share Take care and plan ahead for safety when working in a community garden.  Here’s a list of resources to help you take the right steps and plan ahead to avoid accidents and hazards. Brownfields and Urban Agriculture: Interim Guide for Safe Gardening Practices [PDF]: A report of the US EPA, this document is a condensation […] Read More

Community Garden Start-Up Resources


Share Want to start a community garden in your hometown?  ACGA offers a wealth of resources to help you, and we’ve provided a list of additional resources from across the web below! Community Gardening Management Toolkit, compiled by Betsy Johnson for the Springfield Food Policy Council Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Community Food […] Read More

Funding Opportunities


Share   Seed Money SeedMoney is a great way to catapult your garden’s sustainable fundraising plan. They are offering Challenge Grants and Merit Grants. “Challenge Grants” will be awarded to the first 75 projects that are able to raise $600 via their crowdfunding pages during SeedMoney’s 30-day challenge period running from November 15 to December 15. “Merit Grants” […] Read More