ACGA teams up with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to encourage all community gardeners to become part of YardMap, a new citizen science project.

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Sample Yardmap

What is Yardmap?

YardMap is a citizen science project designed to cultivate a richer understanding of bird habitat, for both professional scientists and people concerned with their local environments. As a partnership between the public and professional scientists, we make up one of the world’s largest research teams! YardMap gives you the tools you need to improve your garden and share your successes with scientists, fellow gardeners, and anyone interested in bird-friendly gardening.

Gardens as Yards

Community gardens are often rich green spaces surrounded by development. The scarcity of such areas in urban settings makes them especially valuable for birds and other wildlife. YardMap will help you see your garden as a part of the green network in your city.

A Match Made in Nature

Got bugs? Bring in the birds. Did you know most birds are insect-eaters (caterpillars are their favorite)? Learn how to get birds to help with garden pests.

Visit to learn more about community gardening and birds, about what birds actually eat, or about how to attract specific birds.

Also, learn about Garden Mosaics, another citizen science program developed by Cornell University along with ACGA. Use the garden for informal science education. Youth can use Garden Mosaics activities to gather the information needed to complete the digital YardMap of the garden.