The American Community Gardening Association and member organization Peterson Garden Project  have been working on a grant that promotes environmental education in the community garden setting. The goal of the grant was to highlight for other garden organizations how environmental education can be shared in a community garden setting. Community gardening was selected (as one of many other outreach methods) as part of this massive grant endeavor because gardening is a natural fit to heighten environmental awareness and offer places for environmental education. The Peterson Garden Project was selected because their mandate is to teach food gardening to urban dwellers.  For a full report on the grant, click here.

One of the outcomes of this grant are lesson plans on environmental education topics that can be used in a community garden setting.  These are now available to you in PDF format!  Click through the links below to view the individual lessons; these lessons can be used separately or packaged together for use in a longer program.

And, since the goal is outreach to help YOU integrate environmental education into YOUR community garden program, we look forward to your feedback!


Lesson 1: Start With the Soil

Lesson 2: Healthy Soil is Alive

Lesson 3: Keep Nutrients in the Soil

Lesson 4: Maintain Moisture in a Raised Bed

Lesson 5: The Benefits of Beneficial Insects

Lesson 6: Weeds the Feed and Defend

Lesson 7: Fertilizing for Healthy Plants

Lesson 8: Inviting Pollinators Into the Garden

Lesson 9: Composting Without the Nuisance

Lesson 10: Mix it Up!  Crop Rotation, Intercropping, and Succession

To see environmental education in the community garden in action, watch this video showing how Peterson Garden Project has incorporated learning into all of their activities!

Environmental Education in the Community Garden: A Case Study


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