National Community Gardening Awareness Month

Be cool and Spread the news, as we reflect on National Community Gardening Awareness Month (August) we are asking you to help us continue to celebrate, please share what Community Gardening means to you (15 words or less). Please send your quotes to .


– “Community Gardening is 10% Food and 90% Community,”

Bobby L. Wilson, Former President ACGA, Metro-Atlanta Urban Farms.


– “People want to grow organically and know where and how their food was

grown,” Bill Maynard, Former President ACGA, City of Sacramento, CA


-“Community gardening is a chance to meet new friends and feed yourself and

others”, Cordalie Benoit, ACGA Board Member (Treasurer), Vermont


-“Neighbors coming together in the shared stewardship of open space”,

Bill LoSasso, ACGA Board Member (Secretary), Green Thumb New York City


For over 38 Years ACGA has been committed to promoting community gardening and urban agriculture states Charlie A. Monroe, President of the American Community Gardening Association and Natural Resource Manager for Cobb County PARKS. To him, “Community gardening creates an opportunity to communicate and grow in a healthy spirit”


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WASHINGTON, DC –Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D-CA) introduced

legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that will recognize August of each

year as Community Gardening Awareness Month. “Recognizing August as Community Gardening Awareness Month will help bring attention to the benefits that community gardens can bring to America’s families and support those who want to take part in feeding their families and their communities.” Says Representative Matsui.


“A Community Gardening Awareness Month is just what we need to draw

attention to this important trend in local food production and community

building – the resolution recognizes the importance of community

gardeners around the country and honors their achievements, and I

support it,” said Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA).” (July 17, 2009)


The Community Gardening Awareness Month Resolution would establish

Congressional support for the goals and ideals of National Community

Gardening Awareness Month, including:

  •    Raising awareness about the importance of community gardens and

urban agriculture;

  • Improving access to public land for the creation of sustainable

food projects;

  • Encouraging further growth of community gardens and other

opportunities that increase food self-reliance, improve fitness,

contribute to a cleaner environment, and enhance community development;

  • Supporting cooperative efforts among Federal, State, and local

governments and nonprofit organizations to promote the development and

expansion of community gardens and to increase their accessibility to

disadvantaged population groups.

(above photo: 2017 Annual Conference, Hartford, CT.)

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