ACGA is proud to have sponsors who support our mission by providing funds for our operation, for our annual conference, and for our regional trainings.

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The American Community Garden Association is proud to partner with Buzz + Bloom Honey in our efforts to develop and upkeep local gardens. At the ACGA, we share in Buzz + Bloom’s belief that a world with more flowers to pollinate is both beneficial to the honeybees and to the beautification of our communities. Like us, Buzz + Bloom is inspired by the magical, honey-making relationship between the honeybee and the flower. Flowers, and the valuable nectar and pollen they share with the bees, are the very essence of Buzz + Blooms’ floral-forward honey varietals, and the beauty inspiration for their packaging. 

Buzz + Bloom believes that real honey should have natural pollen in it, highlighting the floral essence of the area that the honey originates from. That’s why Buzz + Bloom only gently strains its honey ensuring that it retains its natural pollen and unique taste profile. Whether you’re dipping, spreading, cooking or spooning, Buzz + Bloom honeys contain no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives, and are gluten-free, fat-free and nut-free. To learn more, visit










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