ACGA is currently seeking member involvement in its committee work. Committees typically meet monthly via teleconference call.  Meetings usually take no more than an hour. For more information, send an email with the name of the particular committee you are interested in to or email the committee chairperson by clicking on their names below.

Education & Training Committee

If you have an interest in publications, writing, design, or photography, we invite you to join us as we produce our annual publication, Community Greening Review.

Additionally, we are currently in the process of reviewing our Growing Communities Curriculum and Workshops.  If you have used the curriculum, participated or facilitated a workshop, we would love your feedback as we strive to update the curriculum to ensure it is still relevant and effective.

Finance Committee

If you have an interest in finance, budgeting, and bookkeeping, this is the committee for you!  In the last several years, the Finance Committee has helped ACGA to create a new budget and to implement cost-saving measures to increase its efficiency.  This committee is responsible for making sure that ACGA is a strong, viable organization with the financial wherewithal to pursue in mission today, tomorrow, next week, and for years to come.

Marketing, Development, and Membership

Vetting leads, researching new opportunities, and connecting funding opportunities with our programs, this committee is a vital part of ACGA’s team.  What does it mean to be a member of ACGA? How can ACGA better serve its members? What are ways that ACGA can reach out to potential new members? How can ACGA’s website better serve both members and the general public? If you have an interest in pursuing and making connections with those who want to help ACGA pursue its mission, then this is the committee for you!


Are you interested in helping to ensure the sustainability of ACGA? Do you have an interest in partnership development or human resources? If so,  join the ACGA Governance Committee.