The American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) is a volunteer-based, national non-profit organization that provides services for community gardeners and gardening organizations from around the United States and Canada. Our mission is to improve lives by increasing and enhancing community gardening and greening. Each year the members of ACGA elect new board members with different skills sets.

ACGA Board of Directors

One of ACGA’s most valuable assets is its Board of Directors. The all-volunteer Board is made of individuals representing all aspects of community gardening from every region in the country. Members represent various non-profit gardening, parks, landscape and urban planning organizations. They are community gardeners, advocates and organizers. They guide the only organization that links community garden supporters from different regions of the United States and Canada. ACGA Board of Directors is the legal and fiscal responsible body of this organization

ACGA Board of Directors Core Responsibilities

Determine the Organization’s Mission and Purpose

Ensure Effective Organizational Planning

Ensure Adequate Resources

Manage Resources Effectively

Determine Monitor and Strengthen the Organization’s Programs and Services

Enhance the Organization’s Public Standing

Ensure Legal and Ethical Integrity and Maintain Accountability

Recruit and Orient New Board Members and Assess Board Performance

As the ACGA Board of Directors has basic collective responsibilities, board members are also entrusted with individual responsibilities as a part of board membership. The obligations of board service are considerable; they extend well beyond the basic expectations of attending meetings, participating in fund-raising initiatives, and making monetary contributions.

Board members as individuals have no special privileges, prerogatives, or authority; they must meet in formal sessions to make corporate decisions. Individual board members are expected to meet higher standards of personal conduct on behalf of their organization than those usually expected of other volunteers.

Becoming a Member of ACGA’s Board of Directors

New Board Members are elected by the voting members of ACGA though anonymous ballots.

Potential Board Members are first nominated by the Board of Directors Nomination Committee.

Potential Board Members can also submit a petition with the signatures of 20 ACGA members to be included on the ballot.

Important Dates:

September 30 – Submit nomination forms

October 15-31—Ballots with the slate of candidates to voting membership

November 30—Ballots Received by Nominations Committee

December — New Board Members notified

February – New Board members attend first meetings of a three-year term

ACGA Board of Directors are expected to:

serve 38 month term -From January 1 of the first year to February 28 of the fourth year.

attend all regular and special Board meetings.*

actively participate on at least one committee.

contribute financially, within their means, to the organization.

solicit financial support for the organization.

• share their expertise and talents with the organization, including contacts for financial and

in-kind contributions.

contribute to at least 6 to 10 hours or more per month in working for the organization.

be loyal to the organization, respect differences and participate.

hold in confidence any information given to them in their capacity as a director.

take initiative and provide leadership.

promote the goals and mission of ACGA in their regions and recommend new members.

• use only ACGA-issued email addresses to conduct ACGA business.

* ACGA hosts two in-person board meetings per year. Board members are expected to cover their own travel costs for these meetings. This can be done through the organization where they work or personal means. Budget permitting, ACGA provides a modest stipend to reimburse some of the travel costs.

As part of the Nominations Committee, we are mandated to put out a search for potential reliable board members that are willing to serve on this all-volunteer board.

If you are willing to help ACGA by giving us some of your time, talent and skill sets to help continue to make ACGA the Number One Lead Organization in the Community Gardening and Greening Movement, please contact:

Cathy Walker, Vice President: