What’s new in Marketing?

August 2015

The marketing committee is responsible for outreach on ACGA events and updates. Most recently we’ve been relying on Facebook to engage with our membership and other friends (6,400 and counting!) We also manage the ACGA Twitter account (follow us if you’re not already at @ACGA_CommGarden). In addition, we work with the press for inquiries about community garden articles and other related topics. We just had a mention in Parade Magazine’s blog- click HERE to read it


We also work closely with the membership committee to create print materials that are handed out at events around the country. Finally, we do a lot of work to help promote our annual conference (which will be this August in Denver, Colorado.)


If you’d like to receive some print materials about ACGA that you can distribute to an interested group or have a newsletter or news source that might be interested in helping to spread the word, please send a note to info@communitygarden.org. We’d love to have you help spread the good word about ACGA!