The Fort Barnard Community Garden (FBCG) is one of eight community gardens located in Arlington, Virginia. FBCG was established in 1975, and has 70 garden plots, one of which is dedicated to providing fresh produce to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), an organization which helps families in need. Most gardeners participate in the Plant-A-Row program, as well, and regularly provide AFAC with the produce grown in these special sections of their individual garden plots. FBCG's three colonies of honeybees are maintained by three dedicated garden members whose constant care ensures the honeybees' health and vitality as they pollinate crops at the garden site and throughout the adjacent communities. FBCG hosts an open house each summer, welcoming all residents of the surrounding neighborhoods to visit the garden. Visitors learn about plant culture and composting, attend a seminar on beekeeping, sample grilled garden vegetables, or consult with Master Gardeners who are onsite to offer solutions to their horticultural needs. The highlight of the summer season is FBCG's annual picnic when members enjoy good food and music along with the camaraderie of their fellow gardeners. Arlington's community-garden system was devised so that urban dwellers whose homes afforded no gardening possibilities could have a chance to grow produce. Fort Barnard Community Garden has come to be more than a means for providing produce for the dinner table; it offers members the opportunity to experience nature while enjoying a sense of community through association with fellow gardeners.
3 sheds
running water, picnic tables, grills; public restrooms at fire station adjacent to garden

3800 South 19th Street, Arlington, VA 22204 United States
Jerry Brill
[Protected email address]
Host Organization
Arlington County Government
42000 Square Feet
Total Plots
Year Founded
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Polish, Cantonese

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