‚ÄúTending to the Beloved Community”



1. Conservation & Sustainable Practices (CSP)

2. Urban Farming (UF)

3. Growing to Educate (GE)

4. Innovative programs and new directions (I)

5. Pollinators/Habitats Bees (PHB)


Thursday, September 13, 2018 – 1PM-4:30PM (Limited seating. First come, first served)

Preconference: ‚ÄúBuilding Meaningful Collaborations‚ÄĚ
The Cornell University Lab of Ornithology


Friday, September 14, 2018¬†–¬† 10:30AM
Breakout Session #1

How to Start a Community Garden – Part One (I)
Russ Thorson (Grow Pittsburgh) and Claire Matway

Getting on the Map ‚Äď Using Mapping Technology to Promote and Connect Community Gardens (I)
Anne Randle (UGA Extension Service) and Dr. Amanda Rees

Cooking with Super Foods 1 (CSP)
Terri Carter (UGA Cobb County)

Applying a Racial Equity Lens to Community Gardening (I)
Catherine Morrison (P-Patch)

Cooking from the Garden (GE)
Becca Knutson (TAFB)

Best Practices in Community Composting (CSP)
Libby Weiland (Vermont Community  Garden Network) + Renee Crowley (NYC Compost Project Hosted by LES Ecology Center)


Friday, September 14, 2018¬†–¬† 11:30AM
Breakout Session #2

How to Start a Community Garden РPart Two (I)
Russ Thorson (Grow Pittsburgh) and Claire Matway

Soil Health (CSP)
Nathan Lowder (NRCS)

Cooking with Super Foods 2 (CSP)
Terri Carter (UGA Cobb County) 

Panel: When Old Meets New: Growing Old Varieties with New Methods (UF)
Rosann Kent (UNG Appalachian Studies)

The Sharing Garden: An Innovative Community Garden Model to Cultivate Education, Food, and Community (GE)
Levi Gardner (Urban Roots)

Creating an Inclusive Gardening Experience with Montgomery Parks: Lessons Learned and Opportunities to Improve (I)
Michelle Nelson (MNCPPC)


Friday, September 14, 2018¬†–¬† 2PM
Breakout Session #3

Communal Gardening: Santa Monica Steps Outside the Box (GE)
Teague Weybright (Santa Monica)

Partnering For Sustainability (CSP)
Wendy Iles (Hampton VA Community Gardens, Community Garden Manager)
Kenisha Trotter (Deputy Director of Hampton Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services)

Cooking with Super Foods 3 (CSP)
Kristen Sumpter (UGA Fulton County)

Panel: Dig in! Hold a soilSHOP (Soil Screening, Helth, Outreach and Partnership) (UF)
Leann Bing (EPA – ATSDR) and 4 co-presenters

Trauma-informed Garden Education Programs (I)
Taylor Hinton (Allegheny College)

Using your Garden to Build Relationships Across Difference (I)
Sarah Nathan (Meadville Area Rec Complex)


Friday, September 14, 2018¬†–¬† 3:15PM
Breakout Session #4

Dig in with DUG: Tending to our Beloved Garden Leaders (I)
Lara Fahnestock (Denver Urban Gardens)

Mentor the Garden Mentor, A 12-Month Gardening Curriculum for Low Income/Ethnic/Marginalized Communities and the Agencies and Organizations That Serve Them (GE)
Monica Clark (Mentor the Garden Mentor)

Cooking with Super Foods 4 (CSP)
Zoe Soltanmammedova (UGA DeKalb County) 

Lettuce Turn Up the Beet! Stems to STEAM in the Youth Gardens (GE)
Hannah Halfhill (Toledo Grows)

Micro Irrigation (CSP)
Steve Blackson (NRCS)

Utilizing Native Bees & Beneficials In Your Garden (PHB)
Becky Griffin (UGA Center for Urban Ag)

Sunday, September 16, 2018 – 9AM
Breakout Session #5

Cultivating Global Growers (I)
Ash Dawson (Global Growers), Qafqas Shakir

Simple Hydroponics for the Community Gardener (UF)
Whitney Elmore (UFL Center for Urban Ag)

Cooking with Super Foods 5 (CSP)
Breanne Williams (UGA DeKalb County)

Program Delivery (CSP)
Rodney Brooks (NRCS + FSA)


Sunday, September 16, 2018 – 10:15AM
Breakout Session #6

Permaculture in the Community Garden (CSP)
Tony Gobert (NRCS + Gwinnett Tech)

Investigating Behaviors to Minimize Potential Soil Contamination Exposure among Community Gardeners (CSP)
Candis Hunter (Emory University), Halle Bradshaw

Cooking with Super Foods 6 (CSP)
Terri Carter (UGA Cobb County) 

Panel: Strengthening the Community Garden Network (I)
Bobby Farmer (Food Well Alliance), 2 co-presenters

Soils Contaminant Exposure Prevention (CSP)
Rob Bennaton (UC Cooperative Extension)

Three Right Answers (UF)
Fred Conrad (Food Well Alliance)